Fees Structure - Dhawapur Branch



  • Please Note – 

    1.) We collect 12 months Fee in 10 easy instalments for class Pre-Nursery to IX and 9 instalments for class X.

    2.) Please bring fee card at the time of depositing the fees.

    3.) Last day of depositing the fee is 10th of every month. In case of late submission of fee a fine of Rs.10/-per day will be charged from 11th of every month.

    4.) Cheque Bounce charges will be Rs.400/- per student.

    5.) To issue a new card in case of loss Rs.100/- will be charged.

    6.) NO REFUND or any adjustment will be made after fee submission.

    7.) Once the transport facility availed can not be withdrawn during the session.

    8.) For withdrawal of student from the school, one month prior notice is required.

    9.) Payment made by Cheque should be drawn in favour of “VISHWANATH ACADEMY“.

    10.) Parents can now pay the fees online mode or through mobile app.

    11.) Fee structure is based on “Uttar Pradesh Self- Financed Independent Schools Fixation of Fee- Ordinance 2018”.

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