Learning Beyond Classroom
Balancing Body, Mind & Soul

Taking care of our body is a responsibility, as it’s the key to keeping the lamp of wisdom glowing and young minds strong and clear.
At Vishwanath Academy, we believe in the essential balance between physical health and mental development. We work diligently to ensure this harmony, incorporating various sports and games into our school activities to promote the fitness of our students. A fresh and active mind, in turn, enhances openness and alertness.

Our goal at Vishwanath Academy is to prepare students for future challenges while safeguarding their childhood from the pressures of today’s competitive world. To foster the full development of a child’s personality, we place significant emphasis on both intra-mural and extra-curricular activities. These activities not only challenge the physical abilities of our learners but also stimulate their mental capacities.

We believe that through engaging the mind in meaningful field trips and excursions, we can inspire creativity and imagination. This, combined with physical well-being, ensures the agility and activeness of our learners.

Use of digital technology

Digital learning encompasses instructional practices that leverage technology to enhance a student’s learning experience, emphasizing high-quality instruction, access to challenging content, formative assessment feedback, and personalized learning to help each student reach their full potential.

At Vishwanath Academy, we firmly believe in the synergy of technology and teaching; one complements the other. In addition to traditional teaching methods, our school is equipped with smart classes. E-learning, or smart class education, enhances visual learning, making it a valuable asset for 21st-century students. Smart classes employ interactive modules like videos and presentations, engaging students in a visually appealing manner.
Our school features two advanced computer labs where students across all classes engage in computer-aided learning. Each lab is equipped with 35 personal computers, multimedia kits, printers, scanners, overhead projectors, and broadband internet connectivity. Regular visits to the computer labs are mandatory for all classes, allowing students to practice lessons, gain a better understanding, and develop computer skills. Two dedicated teachers, along with lab assistants, facilitate computer science education, and approximately 40 faculty members at our academy are well-trained in computer usage.

Beyond computer science, our school embraces various technologies. A state-of-the-art ERP software, Quick-School, aids in school management programs. Our computer networking system enables efficient communication, utilizing an SMS server to promptly convey important messages to parents. Additionally, we have implemented a biometric system for teacher attendance, streamlining the process for effective communication and record-keeping.

Outdoor and Sports Activities

At Vishwanath Academy, sports hold a place of utmost significance. We firmly believe that certain virtues integral to one’s character are best cultivated when a student is actively involved in sports. These merits include team spirit, a ‘never say no’ attitude, profound respect for others, a fighter’s mentality, active living, and physical fitness, to name a few. Therefore, our focus is on offering a well-coordinated and planned approach to high-quality sports.

Our school boasts ample facilities for sports and games. The sports team organizes various competitions periodically, aiming to keep students physically fit and instill values such as healthy competition, team spirit, and camaraderie.

With a playground spanning 60 meters, two Volleyball courts, and a dedicated room for Table Tennis, our sports facilities are well-equipped. All classes have a mandatory games period, and we are supported by two sports teachers (one male and one female) along with a Table Tennis coach.

While our school encourages participation in all sports, we place special emphasis on Volleyball and Table Tennis. Our students have consistently brought pride to the institution by winning various competitions at local, state, and national levels. Notably, our students secured the Cluster ‘4’ overall Championship in Table Tennis during the 2014-15 session and earned a Bronze Medal in the under-14 category (Boys) at the National Level.

In addition to these achievements, our school places great importance on athletics and other sports such as Cricket and Football.

Motivational & Knowledge Sessions by Industry Experts

Motivational counseling is a short, evidence-based counseling approach employed to minimize risky behavior in both adults and adolescents. Recently, these counseling sessions have been integrated into school settings to enhance positive student outcomes, such as improved academic behavior and mental health. This involves assessing the effectiveness of training lay providers in utilizing these counseling sessions to boost academic achievements among young individuals.